My personal story

Sofia Christopoulos with George CalombarisUp until 2 years ago I was a stay at home nearing 40 mum to 2 beautiful children under 5 and that is all.  I felt like my life was going nowhere for me and that I had no dreams and aspirations. I know why I felt like this: exhausted and drained not to say disillusioned by a plethora of health issues and difficult births to say the least. My one and only focus was my beautiful children and the priority remains the same: my children come first.

So what has changed I hear you ask?
In June I picked up a magazine that had a cooking competition. This magazine Woolworths Australian Good Taste changed my life. I entered the competition, sure the prize of $10,000 sounded fantastic but my main aim was to extend my knowledge base of various cooking techniques. Before this I never cooked from a recipe everything was inspired by food that I had seen on TV or in magazines. I like to experiment with my favorite flavors to create different renditions of dishes that I love.

Now I no longer stick to my favorite recipes of my own such as vegetarian lasagne, thai coconut chilli chicken stir fry, chocolate truffle balls or tiramisu to name a few.  Now I know how to do a mean ragu and gorgeous home made gnocchi, lamb rogan josh, egg roulade, fig and pistachio rolled pork roast. I have tried things that I never would have contemplated before and still continue to do so.

I know that my passion has always been with food and being creative and I know that I want to get in the food industry be it creating my own recipe book or even having my own cooking school one day.

I finally feel alive again because my life has a sense of direction and purpose and the dream is clear. I don’t have the time or money to go to cooking school to learn at the moment but I haven’t stopped cooking from recipes since that competition in July. I love the challenge of learning and doing something new.  Sometimes I don’t do that well and sometimes I surprise even myself and excel.  I am finally starting to feel good about myself and this is showing in my food.  I have surprised myself in winning the Kellog’s Recipe search in January 2012, Being a Top 3 Finalist in July 2013 for The HEINZ Big Red Recipe Search and also being in Australia’s Top 6 of The Bulla Cream Team search in January 2013 and meeting George Calombaris!

I want to share, inspire and learn, and this is my way of sharing my experiences with fellow food lovers.

I am also an Inspiration At Home Consultant inspiring creations in everyone’s homes using our gourmet spices, herbs, dukkhas, oils, sugars and teas. For more information please peruse my website by clicking here.

Frantic in the Kitchen is just that: a mum cooking frantically whilst juggling a hundred things at once. Sounds like someone you know? of course it does.

Welcome to my world… I look forward to sharing my Frantic life in the kitchen with you!

Sofia Christopoulos xoxo